Rigden: Unconditional Confidence

Friday 16 March 2018 (19:30 -21:30)
Saturday 17 March 2018 (10:00 -18:30)
Sunday 18 March 2018 (10:00 -18:30)
Teacher : Acharya David Hope
Coordinator : Ross Chambers
Contact person : Irene Cleghorn
Price: £135 Early bird £100
The "Rigden: Unconditional Confidence" weekend programme is for participants who have completed the Way of Shambhala series of classes and is the culmination of this series of progammes.

The Rigden is a representation of our basic enlightened nature and embodies the principle of unconditional confidence. Historically, rigdens were enlightened rulers - those who could “rule their world” based on their unwavering experience of basic goodness. Emphasizing our innate and genuine confidence and steadfastness, we will explore ways in which we can embody the qualities of the Rigden in our own lives and help bring compassionate and strong leadership to the world.

 The culmination of this weekend is the Shambhala Vow ceremony.  In taking this vow we confirm our connection to the notion of Basic Goodness and the vision of Shambhala.  This is highly encouraged as it marks an important step on our path of Warriorship, and becomes a source of inspiration for practice and for attending the more advanced Shambhala programmes for which it is a prerequisite. 

 Nevertheless it is completely optional to take the Vow at this point, and one can choose simply to witness others taking this step.   There will be a full explanation of the wording of the vow during the weekend, and a chance to discuss it with the other participants, and also one to one with the teacher if needed.

Prerequisites: Shambhala Training Level V and the Way of Shambhala class series, culminating in Wisdom in Everyday Life.  In particular you will need to have JIEL (Joy in everyday life), FIEL (Fear in Everyday Life) and WIEL (Wisdom in everyday life).  You can do these programmes online HERE. 

We are very fortunate that the weekend will be taught by Acharya David Hope. 

Acharya David Hope has been a member of the London Shambhala Centre since its early days in the front room of his home. He attended seminary in 1983, and was then resident Director for Shambhala Training in London for many years. In the 1990’s he lived and worked at Dechen Chöling in France, where he was a co-director from 1995-8. From 1999 to 2004 he served on the Shambhala International board of directors.

David was appointed Acharya by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and has taught programmes all over the world.  Acharya Hope recently moved back to the UK from near Dechen Choling and is now living at Ivy Bank on the south coast with his wife Chris de Block.

The cost of this programme is £100 Early bird (before 10th February 2018). Standard fee after 10th February is £135.

Refreshments will be available but participants will need to provide their own lunch and meals.  A group trip to a local restaurant will be arranged for the Saturday evening.  

Accommodation can also be provided and we have a list of people who can put people up: please contact Christine e:  [email protected] if you need somewhere to stay.

We would like finances not to be a barrier to your participation. If needed please contact Christine e:  [email protected] for further information about how we might be able to support you.